September 10, 2010

My life without me

Things to do before I die:

1. Tell my daughters I love them, several times a day.
2. Find Don a new wife who the girls like.
3. Records birthday messages for the girls for every year until they're 18.
4. Go to Whalebay Beach together and have a big picnic.
5. Smoke and drink as much as I want.
6. Say that I'm thinking.
7. Make love with other men to see what it is like.
8. Make someone fall in love with me.
9. Go and see Dad in jail.
10. Get some false nails. (And do something with my hair)


  1. Todos tendríamos que tener una lista así, o si más no, cumplir muchas cosas de ésta sin la necesidad de saber que nos vamos...

    Qué bonita película, jolin, y que fotogramas más preciosos.

  2. Aquesta películ·la m'encanta.. :) unpetoGUAPA